Friday, November 1, 2013

10-20-13 Second Day Living Alone

     I feel like ever since I’ve come to Thailand, I’ve been living in increments of time. I waited for a bus for 45 minutes. I waited for my photos for 5 half-hour periods. I wait for my internet to start working for several quarter-hours before I finally throw my hands up.
     Anyway, I’ve been sitting in my hallway for most of the day, which is pretty sad, even for me. Actually, I woke up around noon, waited for the internet for a few hours, and then headed out to grab lunch. My pork and rice only cost 35 baht (a little over $1) and I ate by myself for once in seemingly a long time. I still had random tears filling my eyes every once in a while, but I think I’m adjusting. Slowly but surely, right?

Our food court :) There are stands of food running
on this side AND the other side, so I can always buy
super cheap food, almost whenever I want it!

We sit at these tables after we pick up the food.
The only thing I'd complain about are that there
are cockroaches running around everywhere! :(

      I walked around, checking out stores, until I wanted to find the flea market area that everybody keeps telling me about. (My list of stuff that I want to add to my apartment includes items such as garbage cans, a stool, and hangers.) I asked a lady where I could go shopping, and I accidentally agreed to her suggestion about a department store. Of course, she then led me to some motorbikes and I was too nervous and anxious to know what was really happening. While I did not originally plan to visit a genuine shopping mall, before I knew it, I was on my way. 
I ended up at a giant shopping mall with over 5 floors called Central Mall. I wandered around aimlessly, checking out True (a giant Dominick’s/Jewel Osco type of place) and OfficeMate, but the prices were just a bit too high for me. There were many treats all over, which I was tempted to try, but I really did not want to spend too much money. After staying at the mall and looking like a lost child for at least 1.5 hours (oh! I also sat in a bookstore reading Thai phrases and a book by Malcolm Gladwell--psychology--for a half an hour), I finally decided to head back and just explore my area of Muang Thong Thani.

In Central Mall. I was shaking, so the pictures
are not very great. I couldn't take my camera
out for long enough.

So many floors!

Looking down. There are so many stores and
sweet shops! Normally, the sweets would be
the mall's redeeming factor, but not on my 
second day here.

     I think the flea market everyone is talking about was something I had already visited; mostly, they sell clothes. I walked around the Impact Stadium too (did not visit inside at all), to see if I could find other items for sale. Near there, there were some sparse outdoor food stands which smelled pretty good, and another market where fresh produce was sold. Maybe I’ll return there to buy some bananas. :)
Yummy, I bought a lychee milk tea with tapioca before I wandered the flea market. Then, I headed back to see if I could work on my internet. No luck for me though because the manager closed early--leave it up to me to try to do everything on a Sunday.
     In any case, at least I was out on my own for a longer period of time. Even though I am still crying, I know I’ll get over it soon. Not that the sadness and homesickness will leave me completely, but I am adjusting little by little. 
     I miss you all. :( (Also, sorry for the boring post. Just wanted to update you on my second day in my new home.)

    Oh! Forgot to mention that I couldn’t even open the door and people were laughing at my silliness. But I realized that I just needed to swipe my key card. That left me to wonder why they didn’t just pull out theirs and they waited for the fah-rang (foreigner--Westerner) to pull out hers. Geez. lol Oh well, live and learn; that I know I shall be doing every day!

 (Looking back, I know that people don't always carry their key card, so they ALL stand there waiting for other people to open the door. I am often the person who opens the door because my key and key card are attached to each other. 11/2/13)

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