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11-8-13 The Old Capital: Bangkok

     Our HiValue rep took us out to our orientation dinner. We had really good food and delicious cake. Here is what I ate!:

Special vegetables that are difficult to make in the soup and fried fish that is also very special and unique. It was like tiny pieces of fried crisps, but you could taste the fish in every crisp. It was DELICIOUS. 

CAKE! One of them was something with caramel and macadamia nuts, the middle was a pandan cake (I chose that!), and the third one was chosen by Gill. They are cream puffs with pandan filling in them. Everything was delicious. I gorged and probably ate the most out of them all. Planning to go back some day for more cake! :)


     On Friday night, after a tiring week of school, I took a very long power-nap, then woke up to head to my friend Julie’s. A group of the old ATI group were heading into Bangkok to check out the Sky Bar at Banyan Tree Hotel. I thought, why not?, especially if we were meeting up with guys. No, that was not a reference to any weirdness, but I just normally get along with males much more easily than I do females. It does depend on who it is because I do have very close female friends, but in this case, I was not up for partying, putting on makeup, and talking about who knows whatever else girls normally talk about, which they were actually all about tonight. (No offense intended, seriously! These girls are really great people and I love working with them, but I know I don’t fit in as well as I wish I could with them.)
     We drank some rice wine, which I actually enjoyed! I’m sure I’ve tried it before, but compared to other drinks I was being offered, I definitely preferred this one. Also, it only cost like $1.33 in 7-11. (By the way, 7-11 is on every block here. You can pay for your bills in a 7-11, confirm airplane tickets, add minutes to your phone... it’s like you can do EVERYTHING in a 7-11! Whodathunkit?!)
     At about 9 PM, the girls and I headed to Bangkok in a taxi. We reached the hotel, which was incredibly beautiful. It was modern, looked extremely fancy and expensive, and was 53 floors high. It appeared that each level had a unique hallway floor design. When we accidentally alighted on the 52nd floor, looking for one of the girl’s couple friends who were on a honeymoon, the hallway consisted of large marble tiles you could step on. Between the marble tiles though, there were little white rocks, which made it look like a garden or zen-ish area. When we realized we were on the wrong floor, we went to the correct one; floor 50’s hallway was covered with soft carpet that seemed to cushion our feet as we walked. 
     We entered their room, which just looked so grand and beautiful--I really wouldn’t mind staying in this hotel for a few days. :) As we sat inside, I learned about the flooding in the Philippines. So unfortunate. :( I hope everyone is making their way out of the area safely and are able to locate their family members. It’s always horrible to hear about these natural disasters and know that people are being separated, feeling afraid, helpless, and vulnerable. I actually felt those same emotions when I learned about people from the previous ATI group who died due to a motorbike accident as they collided into an oncoming car or truck. (There were many stories told to me as I argued for why I loved motorbikes, so I would accidentally mix them up if I told them all. They were all pretty grisly and gruesome though.) But anyway, after hearing all of those, I don’t think I’ll be on a motorbike any time soon. Not even a motorbike taxi...
     But yes, we sat in the room and waited, as the Sky Bar was closed due to the earlier bout of rain. We ended up walking up as it was opening though. The views were amazing! As I may have mentioned before, I’m not a city person, but we were just so high up that it didn’t even matter. Looking down on the twinkling lights, hearing (but only slightly!) the faraway humdrum of the bustling city, seeing it all stretch out toward the horizon, and feeling the breeze rustle through my hair, I instantly felt refreshed and full of peace. Well, until I saw the drink prices, that is. It’s okay; you’re paying for the ambience, so I completely understand the inflated prices. Would you really spend $6 on a Red Bull though? Or $7 on hot chocolate? Or $15 to $20 on a cocktail? I wasn’t having any of that, saving up for some weekend trips... So, having not eaten any dinner besides plain crushed-up dry ramen, I just ate the complimentary peanuts and pumpkin chips they gave people who actually purchased drinks the entire time.

Mobile pictures of the view (they're a bit grainy):

My friend Gina going down the stairs. This is just a perspective pictures.

One of the floors that had a water-ish design.

Camera photos (much better quality!)
The view of the city

Looking past people who were drinking atop the building

The menu that was lit up

The bar and someone trying to give me another menu haha

The view from behind the counters we sat at

As close as I could get to the edge without dangling my camera over >.<

Looking down

Looking across at the people eating super expensive food lol

     At the end of the night, we split up: some of the group went to Soi 11 to party, the other two headed back to Muang Thong Thani to sleep, and I headed to my friend Lindsay’s to visit and crash. It was nice being away, getting McDonald’s with her (because I was still hungry... sometimes I’m insatiable!) I really do miss my ATI friends though. :( I saw two other ones, Amanda and Donny, and was really very excited to see them. Wish I could see everybody else again too. :(

Pandan-flavored bread?! I have to try this!!!
(This was what I was looking at while waiting for Lindsay to pick me up
from a 7-11.)

Random other photos on my phone:
Tan Tan won second place in the swimming competition!

<3 Chicago and Helen!

This is what my internet looks like all the time. :(

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