Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11-19-13 Random Dinner


I know this is a little out of order, but I went to a "fancy" Thai restaurant with my friends from St. Francis Xavier School. I loved the ambience and the pretty view. :)


We sat at a table, looking up at a band that was setting up.

What a cozy atmosphere!

Ali, her boyfriend, Gina, Julie, Monica, Joey Boy (haha jk! Lee, Shoua's boyfriend), Shoua, Gill, and me. This was probably like the 5th time we tried to take a picture because the waitress kept shaking... so finally, I just set it down on a table, set a timer, and voila!

You could watch TV too! (I was actually taking a picture of the lanterns though.)

The band finally set up.

Looking out across the water... :)

Isn't that a really cool view? :)

You could almost sit all the way toward the end... and the water was so smooth.

There was some Marilyn Monroe fascination going on in the restaurant.

Maybe Elvis too...

Pillows and pillow pets were everywhere! I even saw a Stitch pillow!

Monkey on the lights!

I didn't take a picture of all the food because they'd probably all laugh, but here's
a delicious fish and the crazy-amazing spicy sauce that made the fish taste even better!

The band

The food was good, but a bit pricey. It was nice hanging out with everyone though. :)

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