Saturday, November 9, 2013

11/5/13 Workout Day #2!

     Today, not feeling so great emotionally, I yearned for an Thai iced tea all day. With the students, I worked more on giving them tasks and packets rather than trying to teach them because my heart just wasn’t completely in it. I only slept for probably 8 hours for the past 2 nights in total, with only 3 hours last night, so I just couldn’t handle them being all crazy on me again. I decided that day that whichever student worked would earn something, and whoever did not, just would not.
     Anyway, I went home after school, stopped by to ask for my light to be fixed, and then walked back to my place with my landlady and 2 guys in tow, one carrying a ladder.  As I waited for them to change my lightbulb ring (a circular halo-type?), I realized that I had forgotten my laptop in the school! So, just as they brought up the new lightbulb and it seemed to start working, I had to run. I know I shouldn’t trust people in my place just like that, but one of my most valuable things are my laptop! The school was also closing, so I wouldn’t have it for the night, which I felt was super risky. I told them 10 minutes “sib nati,” ran there, and after about approximately 15-20 minutes, I was back, glistening with sweat. I must have looked crazy to the 4 guys who were now just sitting outside of my apartment, waiting for me to return. I told them I ran to school and they laughed with me (or so I think) and one of them chose to practice English with me...sort of. “See you!”
     Oh, and my screen for my window has been letting bugs in at night when my light is on because there was a hole. I asked my landlady if there was a way to fix it, and she suggested the very best solution *cough*: tape. Yeah, now I have tape on my screen to block insects from entering. But it works, so I’m not complaining! :)
     My school is a few blocks long, by the way, and my gym is across from the front entrance. Usually, I can enter through the back entrance which is a mere 3 blocks distance from me, but at this time, the back gate was already closed. Basically, what I’m saying is that I pretty much ran to my gym area, ran back home (which takes at least 5 minutes... a lot for someone like me haha), only to have to run back to the gym AGAIN take a kickboxing class. 
     So before heading to the gym, I remembered that I had hung my sweat towel outside to dry. Reaching for my workout towel in my dryer box outside my window, I noticed that one of my shirts had blown off its hanger. Great... I tried to lean out of my window to grab it and was cutting off all the circulation to my torso when I realized I had to stop being lazy and walk somewhere to get an extension of my arms...  lest I wanted to join my shirt at the bottom of my box. Looking silly, I used them as giant chopsticks and reached down to try to pluck my shirt with my fingers. If people watched me, they might have thought I was trying to escape from my window... 
     That was my workout before another workout. Again, I had to run BACK to where the school’s entrance was just to get to the gym. Actually, I had to go even further. I made it right on time for the kickboxing class at 6 though! Yay! It was really fun, the guy teacher was full of energy and smiles, and the hour-long session really made me feel better.
     After this work out session (I believe this is only the second time I’ve gone to the gym since I signed up), I texted my friend who went to yoga. Not watching where I was going as dusk descended, I walked right into a gate--the ones they usually pull to block people and cars from entering an area. I don’t know what hurt more, my soreness or the embarrassment. Thankfully, only 2 people noticed, and I just moved to the side and ran away. 
     Life, karma, and me. It’s always one big endless cycle :)

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