Friday, April 4, 2014

2-13-14 A Day To Celebrate The Children

National Children's Day was originally supposed to be celebrated on January 11th (as if children need to be celebrated even more!). However, because of the choppy schedules we had those weeks due to the Bangkok protests, we postponed Children's Day until February 13th. It seemed pretty logical, seeing that this was one of the last weeks of school that had a day off. Friday, February 14th was a Buddhist holiday: Makha Bucha (celebrated in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia), so all of us would have the day off.

Only I can get a cut from a backpack. :(

The sky was actually pink and orange, but my phone camera
adjusted so that it looked purple. Pretty!

Looking out over the food court

2-11-14: Random Talent Show

This is a performance by 1st graders. The girl on the right
really knew how to shake! Sometimes I wish I had some moves. :(

Peach standing next to me

Ness's favorite Thai dessert

Oh, kids :)

His name is "Plato," but he will be forever memorized as "Platato." :D

I put my class by the speakers because they wanted
to be close to the stage. Silly as they are, they thought
it was hilarious when... was super loud and they had to cover their ears.
Even with my insistence, they refused to move.

2-13-14: Children's Day

My kids singing the "Our Father" prayer
before going back to the classroom
to prepare for an entire day of fun!

This was one of the game stations. The
students needed to drag a metal stick through
the maze without touching the edges. If they
did, they "lost" and the whole board would
light up. Their turn was then over.

There was also a ball-rolling station that
gave the children prizes based on the holes
they made.

This station consisted of foam balls flying around
in this cylindrical tank. Certain colors meant
bigger prizes.

Balloon darts!


This schools spares no expenses in indulgence lol, but I'm
glad the students will remember these celebrations for years to come.

Three of my most well-behaved girls: Baitoey (Pandan), Khow-hom (Jasmine rice), and Meaily

Tan-Tan, Noon, Plato, Jaidee (good-hearted), and Nataly
I'm still not sure if that's how you spell her name: "Nataly"

Tan-Tan: the extremely well-behaved and intelligent class leader
Noon: a quiet sweetheart
Plato (or is he Platato?): extremely silly but can be very sweet
Jaidee: not sure if she's as "jaidee" as her name implies

I was actually here trying to take a picture of one of my students,
who is incidentally covered by the gym teacher and the momentary
Bingo winner, but the gym teacher photo-bombed.

Overall, it was a fun day. I loved seeing my students, but I stayed indoors after
eating too much because I wanted to clean up my classroom and plan for next week.
Tomorrow, Valentine's Day and Magha Bucha, my friend Ashley and I were setting
off to revisit the north! It was the last long weekend we'd have in Thailand, so we
decided to take advantage! :)