Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mobile Uploads: From the Beginning Through Phuket

Late pictures from my phone. These are from when I left Chicago all the way until I left Phuket to head to Krabi.

9/20/13 My parents and me! My siblings were
too selfish to drop me off. Haha jk :) I know we all
missed each other very much :(

Looking frumpy in my airplane clothes with a shaved Nick :)

On the plane, dying from heat and impatience

9/21/13 Arrived at my hotel by the Phuket Airport
to wait for the shuttle the next morning. It was like
1 AM and I was waiting for a friend to share the room.

Monks + my mess

The TV and fridge

The doors that were tinted... but only when the lights were out...
Almost changed in front of them when the lights were on. 
On accident. >.<

Mr. Angry Frog--oops, should have
put him in more pictures :) He's on my
Muang Thong Thani bed right now though.

Elephant decoration in front of the hotel

9/22/13 The pool. Little did I know, my roommate for the next 3 weeks
in Naiharn was using Skype to talk with her friends some feet
away! Actually, I noticed her skirt and then later, as we
all boarded the shuttle together, we talked about the hotel we had
stayed on (the one with the fabulously-quick internet) and I
recognized her, creepily lol. When we checked in at Naiharn,
we were told that we were roommates.

Outside of my room

Goodbye, hotel! Cute design! :)

9/23/13 Our dessert after a meal in Naiharn, where we
studied for our American Tesol Institute program.

A snail by my friend Kiels' room

9/26/13 First sticky rice mango dessert in Thailand!
I love them all separately, but sadly, I don't think this
is the dessert for me. :( I still like it though!

9/29/13 I was walking with my friend Ashley to look
for bicycles. We saw these pooped dogs resting on the
side. Some of them would sit up and watch us as we
walked past.

Like that.

Walking past the little lake :)

Going past the Naiharn temple

So pretty :)

Beautiful view

I went for a jog on my own later on. :)

I really never jogged. I just ventured around, gave up,
and then took pictures of a tiny beach area, where water from
the real beach flowed backwards into a more wooded area.

Here :)

Vanity pics! Actually, I was trying to take pictures
of myself with the water, but yes, here they all are.

Mountain view in the background

Naiharn Beach, right across the street from where we were studying every day

It's a wonder how we ever got anything done at all.

Well, I got my work done. I only went to the beach maybe 10 times total -.-

Flower after rain

Later that night, as I was talking with Kiel, one of
the puppies that played with me (aka tugged at all the
things hanging off of me) visited me. I didn't realize
it at the time because she was so sweet and calm.
She just hung around sleeping and listened to us talk.

Later, it began to pour, and I had to run away. She followed me,
but I had to ditch her. :( It was the saddest thing ever. :(

10/1/13 Snails are very fascinating.

OOH, I didn't know I could upload a video as an image! Try clicking on it! :) (I'm too lazy.)

10/2/13 Wet bird standing on a peak

Walking with a group of people one night to a restaurant
recommended by our ATI teacher.

Nice sunset :)

10/3/13 Second weekend. My friends were leaving to
travel a little bit, while I stayed back to visit other places.
This was the other dog that had scratched me--she's a sweetie
pie too in general though. :) She followed us and protected us.

10/7/13 View from the Big Buddha

The Big Buddha :)

10/11/13 One of the last nights there in Phuket with the ATI group. :( 

Story behind why I took a cigarette box picture:
Some of my friends smoke and well, one of them pulled out this box. I looked at it and couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous it was. If you look at it closely, a man is blowing smoke straight into an adorable baby's face. I understand the message, but... what???? LOL

Kiel and me taking a picture :)

Silly photo!

10/13/13 In the Phuket Backpacker Hostel. First hostel stay EVER for me! :)
I was in the top left bed. The rungs of the ladder were painful. I was the silly person who volunteered for the top bunk. Oh well, at least I was semi-isolated.

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