Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mobile Uploads: Onward-Ho! Bangkok to Muang Thong Thani

10/18/13 First time taking the sky train!

If I remember correctly, I was headed to Asok to meet up with a group of friends.

Ooh, a lit pathway!

I reached Asok, I think, and then proceeded to take a taxi to 
RCA, the party street.

10/19/13 The next morning, I took a train back.

Nice view of the sky from within the train

People actually wait in lines. They were staring weirdly at me
as I just stood near the gate until I realized that I wasn't 
following the rules. haha :)

I was dropped off somewhere and people told me to take a local
bus back to Khaosan Road (this was when I was staying at 
Khaosan Immjai, my third hostel.)

I waited for an hour and 15 minutes before the bus showed up.

Bus! A person usually comes around to collect the money.

BTS Skytrain Map for my reference


Halloween, or the Day That I Almost Went Crazy
And yes, I did bold, italicize, and underline that title to emphasize its severity.

My students, unable to contain their excitement, crowding the door,
waiting for trick-or-treaters.

Ou (pirate), Tee (skeleton), and Aungkrit (witch pirate--he told me this)

One of the classes came to trick-or-treat and all my students
wanted to spread candy like love. I kept saying, "Only one!"
I didn't want all our candy to be gone with just one class visit!

The two girls on the left: Aim and Khow-hom
The one with the really pretty masquerade mask: Cha-aim

Taking a picture of what the rest of my classroom looked like...
where are all my students? haha
Girl working on the worksheet I handed out: Aum
Boys from left to right: First (vampire), Herb (jack-o-lantern 
in pajamas), and First (without his Hulk mask)

Nano as Scream!

Tee with his Hulk mask :)

Maximus with his Santa Claus costume (He was sending mixed signals!
He also brought along a pitchfork...)
Baitoey as Snow White :)

Khow-hom as a princess/ballerina
She's absolutely adorable!

Tee as a scary skeleton!

Nano wanting to hand out candy

Cha-aim and Eclair (vampire)

They're so precious :)

Jaidee as a skeleton and Plato as a ghost pirate
(Oh, and Herb squished in the middle as a pumpkin haha)

"Smile, Herb!"

Meaily as a witch or sorceress? 
No matter what, she was so cute!

Attempt #1

Blurry #2 :(

Baitoey, Aim, and Meaily
I really do love this class already, even though
I've been complaining. They are just so cute and
energetic. :)

Nataly (Actually, I have no clue how to
spell her name. She spells it differently on every
single sheet of paper she turns in. Even her name
tag isn't consistent with those papers lol)

Eclair with her hat!


Meaily with her crazy colorful fingernails and Rich with his cape

Haha, adorable :)

Jaidee and Aum with her spooky makeup

Later, they counted their Halloween candy, excitedly

For the rest of the afternoon, they nicely played together
so I let them enjoy 2 sweets each.

Maximum, what an adorable guy :)

Silly face!

Max and Peach with their lollipops

Eclair with hers!

Snow White (Baitoey) with a candy too :)

Playing for the rest of the afternoon, quietly

Really happy with all the candy he was going to take home

Class 1D, everyone!


11/1/13 The most flattering pic I've ever taken in my life :P
Getting ready for my first Thai massage! :)

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