Tuesday, October 1, 2013

9-30-13 BEST DAY EVER!

     Okay, so do you remember in elementary school when we used to name things with very broad titles that had no ounce of creativity whatsoever? Well, this is how mine begins today: 

My lunch (before all the excitement)

      So yesterday, I began contemplating renting a motorbike, mostly because my bicycle really did stink. I could barely get anywhere, and it was basically rusted over--it was just not something I could realistically use to travel anywhere, unless I wanted to go one mile in about 40 minutes. As much as I love bicycles and as much as I want to burn some fat, that was really not logical for me to keep using.
     In any case, I rented one for $40 (12 days!!!!!) I then practiced riding around our little lake 3 times--twice with my friend and once on my own--and then we headed to Kata Beach where his fiancee lives. 
     I tend to be nervous around people, but generally, I can ride not too poorly. It was really fun; we even passed by an elephant on the way! The roads wound around a little, and there were a few hills that I had to use the breaks for, but I LOVED it! I loved every single minute of driving that little scooter.

My purple motorbike!

     At one point, while I was in Kata Beach town(?), I was a bit nervous because there were constantly motorbikes and cars around me, so I panicked. I turned the throttle(?) too much and I had my first “motorbike accident.” I almost ran onto the sidewalk right in front of a store. Someone gasped, and my friend turned back for me, but I was totally fine. I was just a little shocked and the motorbike fell over, but I think the biggest problem I had was that I just couldn’t lift up the bike from where it had fallen.
It was then that I realized my biggest problem and knew I would have to continue practicing on it. I believe when I start, I don’t get the bike to accelerate enough, so it rumbles and grumbles, but it doesn’t move. 

My dinner that night... for the first time, I tried to get pad thai in Thailand, and they didn't even have it! >:

Back to the motorcycle story....
      My natural reaction then is to turn the throttle even more, but maybe I turn it too much or something, but then I go too fast. I can’t turn around in the streets (over here, they drive on the left side of the road) very quickly, so I already got honked at. However, I kind of don’t want to re-try crashing into something, so maybe I’ll just take it slowly no matter what and hope other drivers will just pass me. I realized that most of my trouble arises from being nervous around other drivers (just like when I first learned to bike as well as drive) and not having the best command over my speed when I first start the bike, even from just a stop position in the road.
    I definitely had the most fun coming back to Naiharn from Kata because it was nighttime and I was able to drive faster. Of course I slowed down at turns and sometimes randomly so I wouldn’t hit anything in the road, but it was amazing and thrilling! Especially after the class today. Pak taught us Thai culture, and I love culture, but her topics were just so broad that we couldn’t quite grasp everything she wanted to teach us. However, the language parts were my favorite, like learning the numbers, colors, different foods, etc.
     Again, back to the story... lol I think what made me so excited on this ride back was knowing that I could do it and I made it. I am also the first girl in our group to get a motorbike!!! Can you believe it??? Me, of all the other adventurous girls out there! I LOVE IT! I even almost knocked on my “teacher’s” door, but he wasn’t there. Thankfully... I think he would have thought I was crazy.
     Anyway, I’m back at the giant pool hoping my doggy friend from yesterday will visit again. I guess maybe she’s found a better friend. :( Oh well, I wish her happiness and I hope I’ll be able to see her soon!

     But yeah, just to say it again, I’m the first girl and I made it to and back from a slightly faraway place on a motorbike! :) Yes, I am totally euphoric, but I honestly can’t wait to even just go around the lake a few more times tomorrow. :)

P.S. I completely forgot to mention that I visited a small night market. It was nice, a little pricey, but a fun experience in general. It reminded me a little of a flea market, but it definitely sold more food, and the parking lot was filled with motorcycles! My spoils from this trip were 2 mangoes. :) (I don't have a picture of them.)

 Night market that only opens on Tuesdays and Thursdays (I believe)

One of the stands of delicious-smelling food which I did not try

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