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10-4-13 Mall Rats

     Friday, after class, we were supposed to head over to Krabi by taxi and then bus. We planned to stay in a place called Glur Hostel, so that Saturday, we could begin rock climbing (supposing the rain had stopped and the rocks could dry overnight.) However, it was raining so hard, we decided to head there on Saturday instead.
     My friends and I drove back into Phuket Town to watch a movie. Unfortunately, the movies were either all full (we weren’t sure and the person didn’t understand English), not dubbed or in English (although I wouldn’t have minded), or too late. 

One of the Thai movie posters
(The trailer made it look a tiny bit 
creepy, but seemed to be aimed toward funny.)

Ugly face!

The outside of the mall

Kung Fu Panda outside of one of the restaurants (Japanese?)

     Instead of seeing a movie, we decided to just explore the mall, since we were already there. The stores were like our stores--in fact, the prices were the same. Shoes in the department store were about $80 and on sale, $60. I might as well have gone to Old Orchard to buy those before coming here. But oh well, this is a place for wealthier Phuket residents and tourists to visit.
     I found some yummy snacks! I ordered them in taro flavor, but we could not taste it. However, it was definitely baked in it, so I guess that works, health-wise. (Mommy, Daddy, and Tiffany, you'll probably recognize these!)

The egg treat stand

The egg treat grillers

The egg treats! Yummy!

     My friends really wanted to eat at a McDonald’s in Thailand, so we searched for one. These were the advertisements outside. 

                                                                    Fried chicken
Rice dish with chicken

     I ended up ordering spicy fried chicken (4 pieces) and my friend ordered a pork sandwich. She didn’t enjoy hers so much, but I loved mah fried chicken and frahs (fries). :)

Mine were actually a little more expensive than the
advertised ones because I ordered spicy ones.

     I actually think this was the fullest I’ve been since coming over to Thailand, with my egg treats, fried chicken, fries, and bottle of water. (My friends stood up for me and exchanged my Coke for a water.) De-licious! :) We headed back to the hotel, sat around and talked for a long time, then went to bed... we had to be ready to leave from our hotel the next morning at 6:30 AM.


     I woke up early on Saturday, October 4th, randomly at 5:48 AM, which was actually a good thing for once because I was supposed to meet everybody at 6:30 AM (and I had of course fallen asleep last night without setting my alarm clock). Packed and ready to go, I took a quick shower and then headed out in the rain to find my friends. 
     I happen to live in a raised room, which is very helpful because our room would be a little more difficult to flood. However, some of my friends live on the side of a wooden plank-like walkway. Those help with floods too, but the catch is that you have to step DOWN off of those wooden plank things to reach my friends’ rooms. That way, if it does flood, their rooms would flood first, since theirs are low. Anyway, sitting in the rain was a medium-sized brown frog. It was terrified of me, although I was afraid of it too. As I stepped toward it, it began to panic, and tried to leap away, but instead of leaping away, it leaped between 2 of the wooden planks and got stuck. Poor thing! It tried to wriggle its way out frantically, and finally succeeded. Then, it hopped to the side, as I tried to hurry away--I was so afraid it was going to get stuck again. :(

Froggy not stuck in the hole anymore

     Anyway, long story short, I knocked on my friends’ door. They opened it looking like they just woke up. And due to the rain, Krabi was cancelled yet again. :(

     Ahhh! One thing I’m kind of nervous about is that I haven’t found out my school placement yet! It’s already the 3rd week and I know for sure we will find out this week, but it is just so frustrating and nerve-wracking, hearing that everyone, even my roommate, found out before last night (10/6/13 morning right now, as I’m finishing this blog post). I really want to find out, and I hope the rest of our group is in a good location.

     I have not done anything with the vegetarian festival yet, mostly because of this rain. It is also my time of the month, so I went and took toilet paper from the hotel lobby bathroom -.-   . Anyway, now that everything is personal and you all know me a little too well, I will list the places I WILL go to, even if it continues to rain all week, before I leave Phuket (unless it gets dangerous to go there).

-Laem Promthep at sunset (Phromthep Cape)
-Eat some seafood grilled on the side of the road at Rawai Beach (because this is so close!) The boats I took a picture of in a different blog are fishing boats or boats that will carry you to nearby islands!
-Visit Wat Chalong and Big Buddha because apparently, they are really close to one another
-Ko Kaeo: This island (ko = island) has many Buddha statues and is not visited often because everyone always wants to visit places with snorkeling and all
-MAYBE Phang Nga Bay because it is supposed to look beautiful, even with the rain :)

-Tina Fey

     I completely forgot about when we first drove to the mall... I was running out of gas, the gas station was closed, and so we found a stand with whiskey bottles of gasoline. It was really interesting and I stood there cluelessly because I had no idea that they were gasoline bottles.

Copyright Google Images
(But that's what the gasoline looked like.)

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