Thursday, October 3, 2013

10-2-13 A Class Full of Crazy

     Ack! 4 new mosquito bites! Also, the internet is NOT working when I was scheduled to Skype with my parents!!! It is so frustrating, just like my ordering of pad thai that wasn’t even available. Or SPOILER ALERT FOR HIMYM FANS: when Robin never wanted to have kids. She found out she could not even have kids from her doctor and was devastated. Although she didn’t want kids, she always wanted to know that she had the option to have them. It was a real tearjerking episode. :(
But anyway, that connects to how I finally planned something important, and yet when I went to do it, I never even got the chance because something was going wrong. Hopefully, I can try again tomorrow. However, it is sooo frustrating because we spent so much money on the internet, and it’s slow, choppy, horrible, and always disconnects. And today, of course, it doesn’t even work at all! :(
Okay, that’s enough of my complaining about the internet... for today, anyway.


What Happened in Class

     Today, we had to sit at new tables with different people. I love our group; we totally messed everything up. Remember that creative writing exercise, the one for which you write a sentence, someone continues it, they cover up yours, and the writing continues? Well, let me just tell you that everyone else’s stories were hilarious and about fart jokes and old ladies.
     On the contrary, these were our sentences:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. 
While the rich held lavish parties every night, most people struggle to get by each day.
The were careless people. They took everything they wanted and cared not for people with less. Soon, they had hoarded all the wealth of the town, and thereafter created an organization with an iron grip on the lives of the common person.
Nobody smiled anymore and everyone walked around looking like robots, until the evening when all the common people would gather and drink Chang.”

     I could not stop laughing at how intense ours sounded. I was actually crying with laughter because it was so ridiculously “deep”-sounding lol :D

      Also, I wrote a limerick that’s a little inappropriate, and sort of about Nick (not really :)):

In Chicago was a man named Nick
There was no girl from there he could pick
He drove into town,
Fell in love with a clown,
And never knew she had a ----

      Sorry, little brother, if you read this. I’m usually not inappropriate like that. I just couldn’t think of what to put there--I am horrible at poetry. :( Also, sorry Nick, and don’t worry, that clown is not me! :D Or is it....?

     I also wrote a story. (Basically, we were practicing writing today because we need to teach our students. These were just a few of the activities that we did.) For this story, we had to write our favorite number, a letter of the alphabet, and try to start everything else with that letter. 

     These were my choices:

Number: 15                      Food: Tom yum soup                     Drink: Thai iced tea
Letter: t                            Clothing: T-shirt                              Any noun: Tiger
City: Toronto                   Adjective: Tiring
Name: Tiffany                 Adverb: Tantalizingly
Job: Telemarketer            Transportation: Train

     And here was my resulting story (not that great, I know, but because I wrote my other little pieces of writing above, I wanted to include this one too):

     Only 15 years old, Tiffany did not know an easy way to get around Toronto. As a telemarketer, in a sense, for her parents’ business, she really did not go out much. However, today she was really craving some tom yum soup along with some thai iced tea. She pulled on her favorite t-shirt and rode her bike, but the ride was so tiring, and the train passed by her so tantalizingly, that she gave up before long. Instead, she tried to catch a train, but the people in the office told her she had missed the last one. Fortunately, right across the street, there was a temple that sold tigers. She bought one and rode it into town to buy her long-awaited meal.

     (I ran out of time, so that’s the best ending I could come up with.)

During Lunch

      I finally rode my motorbike into town. Our meal took forever, but the food was pretty good. It took so long that we had to rush back... and we had an hour’s time of lunch.

To be continued......

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