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9-29-13 First Weekend in Phuket

     Goodbye, first weekend in Thailand! It’s Sunday night already. So much drama, so much relaxing, but also so much I could have done instead of stay at the hotel. Oh well, I met up with a great group of people and had dinner with them after hanging out at the pool with them.

My friends and I at a beachside restaurant

In a tuk tuk with Bon driving

     Also, we played some drinking games and ended up returning to my room at midnight...
     I played games on my phone, talked with people online, sang to my music, and then went to sleep (uncontrolled collapsing with fatigue) around 1:30 AM (Sunday morning) after Saturday night.
And my internal clock woke me up at 5:55 AM on Sunday morning. Lovely! I tried to go back to sleep but failed miserably at that, so I ended up dressing to go for a run. As soon as I attempted to jog, a cramp completely overtook my right side IMMEDIATELY upon going into any sort of running motion. It wasn’t even after trying to jog for 2 minutes--it was a cramp probably because I was dehydrated from the night before, as well as not having food in my stomach. After trying two whole times, I was too cramped up to try, so instead, I chose to walk around and take pictures.
     I returned to the hotel to rest and read by the poolside. (Relentless--not my type of book, but I am so hungry for reading and having something to do that that doesn’t matter.)
     Sidenote: People love pointing out to me my Chicago accent, which I never knew we had. I now believe I know when our “accent” is most prevalent. It is in our a’s because we say words like “apple” differently. One of my friends is picking up the accent and I can’t stop laughing because I don’t even talk that often! haha :D She says “smashed” the way we would in the Midwest.
     Going back to my story, I started falling asleep at the pool, just as it began to rain a little from the sky. I decided to return to my room to read some more and hope for some sleep, but I met up with my friends just as they were mentioning me. They then tried to wish for a million dollars, hoping it would fall from the sky, but that never came. I wonder why. Anyway, apparently, now I owe my friend a million dollars haha :D
     As I talked with my friends, it really began to pour, so I was quite thankful that I had decided to leave the poolside when I did. Little did we know, the heavy rainfall was going to go on for hours. We ended up returning to the pool when the rain subsided a little, but I was freezing. I hope I don’t get sick! I sneezed a few times that day. 
     By the time we finally climbed out of the pool, I was starving, so we took a tuk tuk driven by my boyfriend Bon (not really a boyfriend; don’t freak out, Nick! :D). The hotel ladies usually send for this lady named Sarah because they know Almafi, the Italian restaurant, very well. However, this co-manager said she never heard of it, did not go ask someone else, and just sent us to take a tuk tuk, which is Thailand’s version of a taxi.

Hanging off the end of the tuk tuk (almost fell off!)

My pizza

We ate our pizza and I took some leftovers home. Remember how I asked if how the pizza was in Thailand? Well, this one was pretty good, although it might be better than I think just because although Sarah is Thai, her husband is Italian. The crust was thin (unlike Chicago’s type of thin crust) and lightly crispy, so the crunch in the mouth was pretty great. That being said, it was not the best pizza in the world, but it was not too bad for $8 or 240 baht for my BBQ Pollo Con Spinaci pizza. (BBQ Chicken with Spinach)
By the way, here are pics of my bike because I’m too lazy to go into my other blog to add pictures:

My adorable green bike

After sweating my way for probably only a mile (and yes, I know that's sad), we reached Tesco Express (a mini mart)

Rawai Beach :)

This is how I looked after my bike ride to Tesco Express. I was very, very, very sweaty. I am actually holding a coconut pandan cake, which I just ate (comment updated on 10/1/13). Not too bad :)

     I returned home, was about to load some pictures, and then realized I needed to get more money. On the way out, I saw my other friends who had just explored the island in the rain, and one of them asked if I wanted to learn how to ride. We had actually talked about it Saturday night, but I had just not seen any of them. I took advantage of this opportunity and rode the scooter slowly in a big loop around the lake. I kept stopping during my first round because when cars came or other motorbikes tried to pass me, I felt a bit nervous. However, my friend told me to try the second round without stopping, and I fared a lot better. It was fun! I might rent one for a few days just to have fun, not really to reach any specific destination. If to travel, maybe I’ll recruit Bon and have him drive me everywhere lol!
     Oh yeah! Random thing: I saw a grasshopper(?)! And with another friend, I walked along the beach.

Grasshopper eating a flower (It was so big!)

     It was a pretty uneventful night; I returned to my room, ate some cold pizza, made some more ramen, and ate a sweet mango. My roommate came back and offered me some fried spring rolls and cheesecake. They were both pretty good, but I think I’m craving cake because after the first bite, it was really difficult to give the cake back to her because I just wanted to stuff it all in my face. Thankfully, I was full already, so that helped a bit. At night, we watched a little of Criminal Minds after testing out our TV for the first night we were here. I kept laughing hysterically because I was so tired and because the TV would play the same show for 10 channels; then suddenly, the screen would flicker and play another show for 10 channels. It went to static, a message about how we needed to call somebody, and eventually it statically showed us Criminal Minds. I was exhausted and falling asleep until finally, the internet worked. I met up with one of my friends by the pool and talked. I met a doggy friend at that point and pet her. She was so cute and calm--she actually walked up to me while I was talking and nuzzled my back because I was sitting on the edge of the pool.
     She ran away but later returned to us when we were on the beach chairs. She slept under my friend’s because I could reach her there and pet her, so she settled. However, before long, it began to rain once again. The poor doggy followed me part of the way back to the hotel, and I felt horrible because I had to leave her in the rain. She was like my companion and trotted beside me. She ended up resting underneath a type of awning from one of the hotel units we were staying in, and just watched me run. I turned around and felt so bad (I can’t even use a stronger word because I just felt bad in the pit of my stomach). I tried to say goodbye, but I bet she could barely hear me. :( I ran into my room, soaking wet, and woke up my roommate. (Oops!) 
     I hope she isn’t mad at me. The doggy, I mean. lol jk Both could apply there. Oh well, another week is coming! Hopefully the sky will brighten and I’ll be able to visit the Big Buddha. My friends with the motorbikes said they had gone there but because the rain was falling so hard, they didn’t even get a good view. They are planning to go back there one day during the sunset, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll finally be able to be atop a high, beautiful area and be able to watch the sun turn the sky a striking array of colors. Also, I will definitely do something next weekend.
     In any case, I can’t wait! :)

One night, this was how the sky looked from our hotel. Very beautiful! :)

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