Thursday, October 3, 2013

10-1-13 Random Thoughts

Right now, I’m outside and these are all the random thoughts and observations I happen to be making:

  • I think a cat is in heat. It won’t stop meowing.

  • There’s a bird outside that sounds like it’s crying, “Owwwww, owwwwww, owwwww.”

  • I need to visit a temple soon!

  • I practiced turning with the scooter this morning from 6:30 to 7:00. I might ride into town tonight to see what’s around.

  • I saw a tiny hummingbird that looked as big as a bumblebee from Chicago.

  • Nick now hears what people hear when they listen to my “Chicago accent.”

  • I may visit town tomorrow to look for clothes and just to have something to do. I may also visit the Big Buddha soon to view the sunset.

  • The Vegetarian Festival is coming up this weekend. I am excited to partake in eating vegetarian food for the next week or so. It is not a Buddhist tradition; it is actually independent of that. There will also be the honorable tradition of self-mutilation in the streets, and Phuket is where the Festival begins.


After Class
     After class, I did my homework by the pool, finished that other blog entry, and was talked with my friends online. The sky became darker and bugs began to attack me, so I returned to my room. Because none of my friends were really around or really wanted to do anything, I ended up taking a joyride with my scooter. Yay! Sorry, yes, it was on my own. 
     I made it all the way to Phromthep Cape, although because it was nighttime, I didn’t see anything. It is supposedly a beautiful place where you can take many gorgeous photos of the cape itself as well as the sunrise. 
     I know I shouldn’t be so trusting with people, but the people that I happened to meet today were really nice. I still had my suspicions though, so I never hopped off my bike or anything. Someone told me the Cape was too dark to see from and that I should return at 5 in the morning. And when I was lost and apparently in Rawai on the way back, someone pointed me back to Naiharn. He actually had no idea I was saying Naiharn, so he stopped another motorbike to ask for directions for me. I know it is not just for females; I love the courteousness of Thai people! I safely made my way back--next time, I will definitely need someone who knows directions.
    Then, I boringly went into my room although I was craving roast chicken with sticky rice, and instead, made thin rice noodles in chicken bouillon. They almost exploded out of the coffeemaker. In fact, hot water was spewing out onto the mirror and table. Thank goodness my roommate wasn’t in the room. :D (Also, maybe it’s a good idea that even though my mom can read this, she didn’t see that little disaster.) I still had a not-too-bad meal though.

 My rice noodles waiting in a cup

Chicken bouillon in mug, waiting for those rice noodles

     Anyway, I forgot that yesterday, when I was practicing how to drive the scooter, I happened to slow down right by this one tiny bar restaurant (or something like that) on the side of the road. It was right around the lake, so I always pass it. This guy turned to me from within the restaurant and said hello, and I almost jumped because I thought he was going to tell me I was a horrible driver (which I was). He asked me if I was Chinese or Japanese, so I answered him. 
     Then, he said, “Oh! Wo ai ni!” and I tried to respond to it by thinking of a phrase. When I hesitated for too long, he said, “Oh, English is better?”
     I said, “Yes.” 
     His response: “I love Chinese girl!!!”
     Because I had actually been waiting for people to pass me, I went like, “Oh, okay. Thank you!” and then sped away on my scooter. I even forgot to say bye, but I guess that’s for the best.
     But to sum up my adventure, I love my scooter, I guess I love wasting gas on it, but despite thinking that I’d be able to venture off on my own and figure out this place for myself, I am still that same horrible driver from Chicago that has no sense of direction. Thinking back to when I was driving around on my scooter, I’m pretty sure I passed by the same place 3 times, and I forgot where I came from each time along with which direction I had to go when passing it. 
     I’ll see about tomorrow... maybe I’ll wait one more day to go to Phromthep Cape, so I don’t accidentally miss class tomorrow because I got lost in Phuket....

The evening sky b:

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