Sunday, February 9, 2014

1-3-14 Back to Chiang Mai


     Even though we were only in Pai for one night, we had to leave the very next day. :( 
...And I thought mine was cool :(

There's actually a story with those. The night before, those people
had come into the hotel, so we had to weave our way around them.
This morning, I walked past them to my motorbike, which was covered
in a dew/rain/a lot of water, and I started trying to wipe my bike. The
owner came by with his own rag and helped wipe off both Jess's and
my bike. Then, this middle-aged (or late 30's) Indian guy walked over
to me with a cup of coffee and started talking to me. It was very creepy.
His friends also came over and surrounding me, they told me about their trip so 
far, asked if I was traveling alone, and talked about their family in America.
Later, when Jess came out of the room, she rolled her eyes and started
laughing. She told me that I looked like a "gazelle surrounded by lions."
(And also that she couldn't leave me alone for even a few seconds.)

The Buddha across the street

We decided to get breakfast at the place because it was
free anyway. They gave us some fried dough which we
dipped in some sweet cream. Ironically too sweet and fried for me lol

Then, we started our 3 hour journey from Pai back to Chiang Mai.
This is one of the biggest tourist areas in the area, even for Thai
people. "Coffee In Love"

More coffee and cake!

Poor Jess was sick...

Red velvet cake

Mango cake!

We each took a half of the other.

And I bought my favorite! Can you guess?
(Yes, Thai iced tea)

Gazebo in the back

Unfortunately, it was still morning and VERY foggy.

It was a quaint place though. Probably extremely romantic when
the fog isn't obstructing your view lol


As Jess finished her cake, I decided to walk a little further.
There was this area!

I wanted to check out that thing.

The path from the coffee place to where I was standing overlooking that... thing.

Looking backwards as I went back to the coffee place.



Actually, it was quite hilarious. Apparently, this place is so famous
that soldiers come here to take photos!


I tried to leave, but everyone just stood around, taking pictures of the soldiers.
I guess I can't complain though because I was one of the onlookers.

We also passed by a Memorial Bridge.



Random rest stop. Are you a fat, short lady or a tall, skinny lady?
Choose wisely!

ANOTHER COFFEE PLACE?! Glad we stopped at this one though.
Our backs were aching again and it was fantastic. The tiramisu wasn't the best though.

I love the architecture of this one though. :)


Even the bathroom was interesting lol

Our view

I had parked my bike uphill, so this was the coffee place from my bike.

32 Coffee hill (<--CAPITALIZATION NEEDED!!!)

We reached Chiang Mai, FINALLY, and that was the final mileage!
Goodbye, bike! :( I fell off you 3 times, cried on you because of the
mountains' physical beauty 6 times, and scraped you up twice. 
I will never forget you!

We ate at the Burmese restaurant again. This salad was really good :)

The rice in this one was kind of off unlike last time though :(
Funny story: We wanted to get a massage for our grueling return
ride, but when we went to one place across the street from the
Burmese restaurant, the boss came out and grinned rather
creepily at me (well, this was Jess's perspective). I just thought he
had a crazy smile that he couldn't shut off. In any case, he grinned
widely, while telling us they were booked and we could come back
in an hour. Jess refused because she thought he was going to attack me.
LOL I don't know. He did give off a creepy vibe, but I didn't pick up
on his weirdness toward me. Usually, I feel like I do... hmmm...

Ness's godmother sweetly let us stay another night. This is what
I did immediately; I dumped my stuff all over my bed. It seems
like I can't escape being perpetually messy.

That night, we went to Yummy Pizza, which was
close by. I ate calamari and fish :) Very fried >:P

When we returned to the room, I took more pictures of
Tong House. This was our mini-kitchen where I ate a dessert!

Our little sitting area :)

My bed (CLEANED UP!)

Elephant post next!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD

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