Saturday, February 8, 2014

1-2-14 Pai-adise (Okay, Not As Clever As I Thought It'd Be)

     After New Year's, we headed to possibly one of the most romantic places in Thailand (not including the beaches, of course).

We ate in a wooden place that literally had 
trees coming through the floorboards.

The owners actually built their restaurant AROUND the trees.
Very admirable indeed. :)

My morning Thai iced tea :D

Before I had to don my ugly layers,
I was basking and sweating profusely
in the hot sun... thank goodness for
my drink! :)

Beware of babies driving motorbikes!

On the way from Mae Hong Son to Pai, we stopped at another viewpoint.

Not our favorite, but beautiful nonetheless :)

Selfie time!

We also stopped at another coffee spot.
Little kids dressed in hill tribe clothes
tried to go to foreigners and ask if the
visitors wanted photos with them in it.
If so, I believe they had to pay.

I'm not sure what those were...

Mountains! Labeled, if you can read them.

This is what we looked out and saw...

After driving cold and sick, we arrived in Pai.
I was so exhausted that I dropped my helmet
while trying to fill out forms.

My motorbike :)

The adorable decor

After we rested for quite a while, we went out
and ate pizza! This place boasted itself
as the best pizza in Pai.
This was my DELICIOUS garlic bread :D

My pizza. Not as good :(

We walked around the night market.
This is what I thought Khaosan Road
(in Bangkok) would look like... I loved this one!

This guy served us sweet teas in these bamboo
cups. He asked me where I came from, so I answered,
"America." Then, he hesitated, and I wondered if he
would clarify himself. That he did, with his question
of, "But you look... your face?"

I love the viking hat though :D
Someone actually blogged about this kid. :)

Trying to get good market pictures...

It was a great place to visit. I'm really glad I was able to see Pai. Maybe next time I'll go back and spend more time exploring... (There's more as we left the next day, but because we were trying to make deadlines, we couldn't stop for very long.)

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