Monday, February 10, 2014

1-10-14 Pattaya Shows and Bangkok Burgers


The weekend of the January 10th, I visited Pattaya with Lindsay and one of her friends. However, instead of staying longer, which I definitely could have, since the protests were growing, I decided to return to Bangkok and meet up with my other friends, Kiel and Yeonji. (By the way,
I was not working for the next week or so because of the protests.)

Yes, let's go to there.
I began my journey before the protests at Victory Monument.

We spent a night at a really nice place (I forgot to take pictures of it,
but it was very spacious.) Then, the next morning 1-11, we went to
a busy and crowded beach.

I fell asleep a few times. Because this is a big
touristy beach, there were many vendors walking around.
Whenever I fell asleep, guys trying to sell tattoos would
blow some sort of whistle that would jolt me awake. Then,
they would ask me if I wanted one on my stomach. Walking
away, after I angrily said no, they said, "Sexy lady."
That, my friends, is sexual harassment.

Boo, vendors, go away!

I haven't been on a beach since Naiharn!
How I miss this...

     Lindsay, her friend, and I went to a very weird show at night in the gay party scene area. Let's just say the show itself was pretty unprofessional, but it was definitely an experience. I will probably never see one of those again though.

The next morning, as the other girls took off to another island,
I decided I was done and wanted to go see Kiel and Yeonji.
I stopped at a stand down the street from the hotel and ordered
my favorites: Thai iced tea, som tam, and khao niao. :)

Can't escape these! :)

I took the BTS to Wongwian Yai, met up with Kiel, and then walked around, getting ice cream and stuff with Yeonji. It was very relaxing and I really enjoyed spending time with them. At night, we went near Khaosan Road (which was definitely not a good idea, as there were blockades in all areas due to the protests and traffic jams, but we were safe) and ate burgers.

Kiel and Yeonji were waiting for my exclamation of enjoyment...
Unfortunately, I ruined it because I'm not a big fan of burgers.
It was definitely delicious though! :)

Plus, I really miss fries. YUM!

Haha, not the greatest entry or the most exciting news, but there was definitely a lot of normalcy in just meeting up with friends and trying something new that made this a very fun and memorable weekend. I'll probably never get invited out to eat burgers again :(, but still! I love trying new things :)

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