Tuesday, January 28, 2014

12-30-14 Hiking (Kind Of For My Very First Time)

We started out the day with a recommended fruit salad from the guesthouse.
I liked it :)

One of the roads we traveled on

A leaf that Thai people use to make houses

We went hiking through the forests.

This was our Karen tour guide.

We started out the day in winter-ish clothes.

Our path

Jess and I ready to go!

This tree released some white liquid. I don't remember much about this now,
but it had some medicinal properties :)

Well, if it was the right season.

A mere half an hour later, we began stripping haha

The tour guide whittling away at bamboo.

Where people set up camp to hunt :(


A gnarled and cool tree :)


The fallen trees sometimes add to the scenery!

Mushrooms! These ones looked so pretty :)

More ginger from flowers

I was sweating like crazy! (I don't think you can see it in this picture, but 'twas true.)

We stopped for lunch (thank goodness because I was starving). 
I haven't exercised in a while haha

Our tour guide had carved this out of bamboo to heat tea!

Tea's a-brewin'!

We had fried rice. Never has been my favorite :(

And tea in our brand new bamboo cups!

Cool, huh?

Pouring more tea for us

Our English speaking Thai tour guide

Isn't that cute? There's even a spot to put your nose!

I have this weird problem. I love smelling the fresh bamboo.

Pouring more tea for the greedy Jen.

Whittling away at more things...

We climbed up really high, almost to the point where I was breathless from
so much exertion. :(

I could look down and see part of the valleys and look up at the mountains too.

They were waiting for me to finish applying mosquito repellant. I kept getting bitten.

Ready for more? (No, not really.)


As we reached one of the Karen people villages, we saw banana trees.

I was glad to finally "reach land" because I was very unsteady in 
the mountains. I was ready to slip off like every few minutes 
:( It was quite scary for a clumsy-footed gal like me!

We had to cross a slightly scary bridge.

Don't fall in! (I didn't, but I had to tell myself that with every step I took.)

The river on one side of the bridge.

The river on the other side.

Dare to cross that again? :D

Some of the houses in the village.

Fresh guava!

Roosters and hens everywhere!

Tempting a dog with my fresh banana :D

Even elderly ladies cross the bridge daily :)
A house in the village

Yummy, fresh fruit :)

When we got back, I Skyped with Ness <3
Happy New Year's Eve!

The view during the day of the lake

I tried this dessert.

We went to a restaurant called Salween Restaurant
across the street from our guest house.
I was craving fries :D

We had vegetarian puffs.

I had this one Burmese dish... pretty tasty!


Other pictures in the village:

This doggy took it upon himself to lead us around the village.


Can you imagine living in a place like this, in which you wake up,
stretch, look outside, and see green and mountains all the time?

Okay, goodbye for now! :) 
Our Karen village tour guide ended up giving us a bamboo cup
and spoon because in their culture, the greatest gifts are food
and drink... and what better than the tools for more of that? :)

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