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12-29-13 Mae La Noi: Villages and My Cookie Friend

12-29-13 We planned to leave our freezing guesthouse for a different area of the Mae Hon Song province. Jess's plan was to visit some local villages and enjoy the ride. We did take a few detours... :)

Northwest Guesthouse
Our key holder--goodbye, guesthouse!

There was a moth in there that was gigantic. It would
play dead for hours, and then randomly spring to life
and try to attack us from the skies. >:

My baby bed. It seems like my rooms always look like this,
until of course I clean it. Then, at the next destination, it
looks like this all over again.

The downstairs lounge area where everyone huddled with blankets and coats.

Where I ate once or twice... and arrived shaking a day or two before.

The street our guesthouse is on :)

Our guesthouse, which had no HEAT. GRRRRRR!

Mae La Noi: We stopped at a coffee shop located there called "Mae La Noi... in Love" :)

Trying to reach the local villages, we passed through Mae La Noi, a
district in the Mae Hon Song province.

And then we bought these delicious smiling cookies.
A person behind the counter took a picture of us.

My new best friend at the coffee shop! This was the scenery we were looking at
while murdering the happy cookies and drinking Thai iced tea.

Ooh, I did gain some weight. Must be from all the iced tea and cookies lol

We saw ewes :)

Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro?
That's the song that comes to mind for this picture.
I don't know why... lol

This was the coffee place--I want to say it's one of my favorites so far!

Houses we passed by

Can you imagine driving through and past places like this?
It was beautiful!

So lush!

Our curvy roads :)

This is a village we passed through.

Some girls led us to this temple because we looked lost.
Mostly, I think it's because they saw that Jess was white
and they thought it was amazing to help her, but still...

Puppies all over the lawn!!!

AWWWWW, look at them! (And yes, despite the sun, it was
still pretty cool, so I needed my sweatshirt layers.)

Cutie pie!

Awww :D

The temple (after my obsessive pics of the dogs)

Oh wait, not finished yet!

They were kind of "hugging" each other and it was the most
adorable thing ever!!!

Two different views of the same thing, just fixed the
Inside the temple.

Women were not allowed to approach.

Wat Muang Pon

Thailand is just really filled with temples.

We decided to roam the village a little bit.

Birds' nest???

I love their architecture! The wooden structures are just so cool!

Doggies roaming the streets.

After not encountering many people for a while, we decided to leave via...

...a back road. It was a really great choice :)

I looked to the left and said, "Hey, what's that?"

We hopped off our bikes and climbed up to a temple.

It was empty except for us.

It was super cool (view from the top of the stairs).

Some of the Buddha statues.

Well, there was a monk who posed for our pictures. Jess said
that maybe he was a hermit monk who was overseeing this temple.
He was very kind and adorable :) He took off his hat just for the picture.

Goodbye, beautiful and lonely temple!

We constantly drove on roads like this... I slipped on one once. (Not this one though.)

But we also drove on roads like this!

We stopped at a place with a rest stop.
Don't be fooled by our smiles--our backs
were still aching and we were FREEZING.

It almost looks photoshopped, but it really isn't!

We reached a town in Mae Hon Song.

This was a fancy bus stop.

How it looked at night across the tiny little lake.

Night market! I didn't realize how much I'd miss these :)


Pad see eiw on the ground with a kid that kept staring at me funnily!


People were floating krathong for New Year's (early)

Anyway, it was very beautiful across that lake. The last picture is one of some guy performing for an audience of no one. :( Poor guy... he didn't sing that well though. Later, dancers came out,
but there were still only like 3 people standing in front of the stage. 

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