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12-26-13 The Temple in the Mountains

The day after Christmas was another meant only for relaxation, so before we embarked on our road trip, we enjoyed another day of temples and random sightseeing.

But first I began my day with my favorite breakfast: a Thai omelet with rice.

And just because they had it and Jess made me a
 bit addicted to the dessert: mango with sticky rice.

We hired a red car to take us up to Doi Suthep, a temple
recommended by Ness and my overbearing neighbor.
You can see another red car past the sunlight.

See the trees? It was so beautiful and bright.
I had to grasp onto the handrails above me sometimes because
the red car would zip around curves. Those hairpin curves were
amazing but seemed dangerous because people would really whip around them.

Once we reached the place, we asked our red car driver to give us
1.5 hours. It turned out not to be enough at all. It already took us
10 minutes to walk past the vendors and then another few minutes
to ascend this skyward staircase. 

The guy guarding the entrance at the top made me pay because
he knew I was a foreigner. Darn inability to speak Thai...
We later found out there was an exit that people were entering for free. :(

Beware of ripe durians!

People ran around ringing bells.

In front of one of the temples

The view from this temple in the mountains :)

A little history. I'm sorry if the words are too small. Use a magnifying glass.
Or I guess you can just enlarge the view :D

I thought this was hilarious!

This is what moms look like when they yell :P
haha jk :)

Even though I have talked about temples of gold that look
too flashy, I thought this one was amazing. I'm really glad I visited
Doi Suthep!

Look at this!!! Beautiful!

Golden Buddhas

Everything was so bright, shiny, and dazzling, especially in the
sunlight and against the blue sky.

After we had walked in and around for about an hour,
we started to go...

:( Goodbye so soon!

Look at that monster of a staircase.

We then ordered our red car driver to drop us off at the flower market.

I don't know if we came at the wrong time or were on the wrong street,
but we actually didn't see as many flowers as we thought we would.

We wound up walking around and finding a Chinese temple.

This reminded me of home :)

And this reminded me of Chinatown.


Alien plants?

In the evening (the night before), we chanced upon this temple. As
the sun set, it was so beautiful. We came back to visit it during the day,
but it didn't appear as grand as it had before. Still pretty though :)

Carrot cake. It was fantastically delicious :D
Exhausted, even though it was only early afternoon (I still think it
was because of the rush from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and then that
intense 9 or 10 hour bus ride... we probably never recovered), 
we collapsed in a Starbucks. 

At night, I wanted good Vietnamese food. Although this is not
exactly like the ones I eat at home, it was still very good. So good
that I bought 2 servings... let's see, that's about 24 pieces PLUS
the giant bag of lettuce that they gave me?
And I forgot to take a picture, but I also had mango with sticky rice.

The outdoor seating we were at was really cute! There were tons of people there too.

Some cool art museum/hotel/restaurant place :)

Isn't this cool? Everything was artistic in that place. 

Come here and exchange your money!

This is incredi --WAIT FOR IT! -- ble!

Can you believe that this houses a Haagen Daz?
All your ice cream dreams can come true here!

Okay, now that the slow days are over, 12-27-13 begins the back-breaking, freezing-cold, but also enchanting road trip... until then!

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