Thursday, March 20, 2014

2-8-14 Ayutthaya Times Two

     A while back, practically one of my first weekends in Muang Thong Thani, I visited Ayutthaya with Jess. One of my favorite places, I made a semi-promise that I would return to it one day. Here was my second trip to Ayutthaya--actually, it was more of a trip to a floating market (which I STILL haven't visited), and we just happened to stumble upon some of the temples I saw the first time.

Ashley and I walked around, following Google Maps.
We enjoyed a very delicious lunch on our way to the floating market.

However, instead of ever reaching that apparently 
poorly-mapped-out market, we wound through
a street market. We ended up near one of the temples
I had previously visited.

The first time I came though, I don't believe there was this pair of
the Buddha's hands nor the white Buddha's head.
(I do remember the building in the back though.)

As I was leaving, a kid grabbed my arm and tried to sell me a keychain.
Ever the sucker for adorable kids and wanting to help people,
I ended up standing there deliberating for a while. The adults
he was with finally told them, "The farang doesn't want it!" in Thai.
I ended up buying one--I'll probably add it to my car or home keys
when I return to Chicago. His poor brother or friend then started
begging me to buy another one. I felt horrible as I walked away. :(

I love it!

Bridge across water :)

Then, Ashley and I, being the animal lovers we are, stopped to
take pictures of herons.

A few too many pictures, in fact. :P

Here's Ashley taking pictures of herons... that's how crazy we were! haha

A closer view

Herons taking off :)

They were all perched in this tree. A little scary, but very cool!

There was supposed to be a floating market here too... 
Oh well, I love elephants in any way, shape, and form! :D

Goodbye, Ayutthaya! Maybe one day we shall meet again!

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