Sunday, March 16, 2014

1-25-14 Exotic Pets We Tried Not To Take Home

Ashley and I LOVE animals! One weekend, Ashley and Lindsay stopped by to visit me
and we all walked over to Impact for the Exotic Pet Show 2014!

But first, I must acknowledge the cats that used to
inhabit my hallway. I remember when that mother cat
used to yowl at midnight, waking me up because she
was in heat. >: Well, at least she has her babies now.


A dressed-up prairie dog!

Looks fake, but definitely not :)

Really adorable and long green snakes

Touch me!

Oh, can I take one home, please, please, please?!

Haha, weirdo cuties stuck on the sides of their cases :)

Geico! haha jk :D

My favorite arachnids in the whole entire world!
Just kidding. If I owned one, I would probably stay
awake for weeks, making sure it would never escape
because as we all know, all spider-like objects
want to do is to attack me when I'm not paying
attention and crawl into my mouth. >:

Mommy, do you think you have enough snakes in the house?

Awwwwwwww cutie pie!

Love has no reason :)

I already fell in love with that pup. :)

The little animal kept escaping--it was so adorable!


Owls. Even though they can be seen as
evil and wise, I find them to be kind of
scary-cute... :D

Hedwig never died :)

Pampered princess pup that gave me a spoiled brat attitude lol


I'll stop crooning so you can enjoy the animals for yourselves, haha

They had fake playpens. I still felt sorry for them though. :(

For Ness

For Ness again


For Tiffany. They were bigger than me... almost.

An unlikely friendship
The bunny was so still and soft! :)

A guy met me by the chinchilla cages and started talking to me.
Later, he found me by the crayfish and asked me if I was married.

I was afraid to stick my fingers into the cage because then, 
they curious chinchillas came up and I think they thought
I was giving them food.

I held some type of gecko.


It's funny how I'm so afraid of tiny spiders. I'd rather have these crawling
in my rooms, honestly. Sad how strong my arachnophobia is!


For Nick :D


Oh yeah, I found a Welsh Corgi named Monet (or something that sounded like that)
and I was petting her! I'll eventually find the pictures my friends have of me and her
and I'll post that :) She made my day and she was also dressed up as a nurse.
It matched her perfectly because she made me feel really good! haha :D

Like really good... maybe too good LOL

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