Thursday, December 19, 2013

12-9-13 Mainly for Justin

     Notice the title for this blog entry. This is mostly created for Justin because he loves cars. (However, I stray from the subject of cars and instead rant about models, so feel free to stay for that as well.)
     The Motor Expo 2013 was something Shoua kept recommending for us to visit, not because of the cars and motorbikes, but because of the female models. It is so strange, she said, and I completely concur. 
     Both my initial and final observations were that the models were too skinny, had on too much whitening makeup, had too much plastic surgery, did strange dances, spoke like robots... and you know what? Instead of admiring their beauty and being all relaxed about them choosing to be models, I was infuriated. I felt terrible for these poor...for lack of a better word, objects of people. Seriously, they looked anorexic, they were dressed in skimpy outfits that were probably playing up men’s fantasies, and they always had to look... well, sexy. And it gave me a mini-window into the modeling world. My pictures of them caught them look gorgeous, but in reality, as they posed for the many men with high-def cameras, it just looked like they were playing into a role, or into a man’s world. I don’t believe the girls actually enjoyed modeling for these cars at all and I hate how they had to appear pretty the whole time. 
     Well, there were two girls who made silly faces and posed a little more, which made the experience feel a bit better for me, but it was the girls that looked more attractive that had the men and photographers surrounding them. And again, I just felt bad for everyone, including the “pretty” ones. How does it feel to be showcased for how you look? And to feel validated only when someone admires your beauty? As I was walking around with my top and white shorts, people were looking at me too, and I just felt disgusted. I would have given anything just to be in a normal t-shirt and longer shorts so that I wouldn’t have this unwanted and highly-disturbing attention. I’m not just something you should look at and want because of my appearance; I want to be seen for the person I am inside and admired for the personal qualities that I naturally possess within. 
     I do understand the biology of this, the psychology, and I know that I am probably way too passionate about something that shouldn’t even matter to me, but honestly, this is one of the few things that irk me. I left the expo feeling down and almost dirty for being a girl. The girls really just looked sad, bored, and they acted like they had no personalities because they probably weren’t allowed to show that they have one besides the one that emphasized that they should be flawless icons. 

     Anyway, don’t forget that the camera adds 10 pounds. And I mean it. If you saw these girls with your own eyes, you’d recognize the ridiculousness of media and the effect airbrushed photos have on susceptible people like us. They are a lot skinnier than they appear (Hey! Remember the sticker on the car side windows that tells us that objects are closer than they may appear? It's kind of just like that.)

This is from the Ang Thong trip. I forgot to upload these because
I took these the next morning (and I had only uploaded the pictures
from the night before, since I was waiting for my sunflower ones... again,
we failed to get those because our motorcycle broke down).

Me taking complete advantage of Ashley's wifi :D

When I returned, I bought these pink noodles. What is this dish???

They were a little greasy but very delicious!

And now on to the Motor Expo 2013 in Impact!

See! Very pretty, but in real life, the situation wasn't as pretty :(

Haha, Justin, I had no idea which ones to choose, so I just took pictures of a whole bunch. ;)

Automatons... or at least they seemed like it.

They did some strange robotic dance, then walked in front of the car,
and spoke in monotonous voices. Pleasant, huh?

A lot of guys liked this one. lol

Do you feel validated? :(

I want a car like THIS! :)

Only 2 people were taking pictures of these girls because their
outfits are much more conservative. They posed for me! :D

This girl was pretty too, but I had to lift the camera really high, since
there was such a large crowd surrounding this area. >:(

2 machines.


I can't imagine wearing that an entire day. I think if I did,
many men would capture highly unflattering photos of me. lol!

Justin, you should have been here to play this game!

Reminds me of dangos, Ness!

Tiff, this is for you! (or the past version of you anyhow :P)

Scooter for old people? haha jk :)

     Next post will be about the sunflower fields! 

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