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12-13-13 to 12-14-13 Mission Sunflower Complete

     Ooh, I totally just tapped my clock against the wall after giving it new life and adjusting it... and the secondhand started going backwards. I think I really will give up on this thing now :( 
I had such hope in it too :’(


     Friday the 13th! Nothing too out of the ordinary happened, which I guess is a good thing.
Lindsay did come to visit me in MTT though. She’s my second guest to stay overnight so far and I was super excited!!! She took the ferry to see me and she enjoyed a steak (only 60 baht!) in my food court. We split a pad thai and then explored my market. Because I was so elated, I actually felt in the mood to partake in some form of consumerism that is complete unnatural to me--and by this very long string of semi-random words, I mean shopping, so when we passed by a little dress stand, I ended up walking in... and despite how cheap I am, I actually came out with two new dresses! To show you I haven’t changed though, I tried to haggle it down anyway, even though the lady kept saying how cheap they were. Sadly, it was true. Each dress was $5 and I was still trying to bargain with her... haha... I never know when to stop! 
     Then, we bought a movie for less than $1 in my DVD rental shop. It was almost a perfect girls’ night in--food, movies... and Lindsay brought some orange-ish popcorn from the ferry area lol :) 


     In the morning, we woke up, tried on outfits we wanted to wear for photos and went downstairs to the omelet station. I feel like I take all of my guests there because I just love the options. I always get the same mushrooms in mine though... they should probably know my order by now. :D
     We then headed to Rangsit by mini-bus and took another from there to reach Lopburi, where we planned to meet Jess. As it so happened though, Jess arrived there at least half an hour earlier than us, so she ended up walking to Noom Guesthouse to see if she could reserve a motorbike first. To our misfortune (maybe it was a rollover of Friday the 13th!), there was only one manual bike left and some of the people weren’t helping her even as she came up with different options.

Thailand encourages safety! This was the fabulous
puzzle of a seat belt I found on this particular van.

     As we arrived and searched for ways to reach the fields from our bus terminal, we found we were unsuccessful as well, until some ladies told us to take a normal mini-bus there. The best part was that it would only be 30 baht; however, Jess informed us that the mini-bus would just drop us off at a distance, we’d have to walk, and later on, we’d have to find our own way back from the fields.
     In any case, we ended up not taking a mini-bus because Jess ended up bargaining with a driver who would charge us 500 baht total for the drive there and back. We drove to some fields and took as many pictures as possible to make our failures, time, and money all worth it. 

     And... AT LONG LAST, here are the pictures!

Jess, me, and Lindsay on our way to the fields!!! :D

Lindsay is such a model!

Lost in a maze of sunflowers...

I love Lindsay's artistic vision paired with my camera.

There was more than one field... here was one.

I love this photo. One of the people at the stands took pictures for
us and we decided to do a silly pose. It turned out really cute!

I realized that Thai people have a very difficult time capturing us
in a jumping pose. Stay tuned... several more fail pictures to come.

I took a picture of a patch of dirt in the background... lol!

Take #2!

And we didn't forget our silly photo!

Jumping for joy in the field!


...and then not so much frolicking in the field...

The sunflowers are in bloom from November-ish to January.
Look how tall they stand!

We jumped back into our car and took it down the road; there
was a pretty path in one of the fields that Jess spotted.

Jess wandering down it

My turn!

Successful jump pictures first, until we give the camera to Thai people :P

Credit goes to Jess for taking these amazing photos! And
my legs too, for not protesting for jumping more times
than I've ever jumped over the past 24 years.

I have tons of photos with Lindsay, but not enough with my travel buddy!

I seem to have some affinity for taking pictures of dirt. 

I call this the "Tiffany pose."

     At some point, Jess and I started wandering back to the car where Lindsay was waiting for us. A group of Thai people with their fancy professional cameras were there, taking pictures. As Jess and I tried to take pictures atop of some mound so that we could capture more of the sunflower fields, they offered to take pictures of us. Then, they asked if they could also take pictures of us with their cameras too; I thought they wanted to focus on Jess because she looks more like a farang and she is much more photogenic than me, but she insisted they probably only wanted to take photos of me in my dress... ugh, men.
     Anyway, we stood there as models, and when they finally left, I noticed one person still taking photos of me from his van. Great... creeper! 

And this is pretty much what the pictures looked like. Me
all squinty in the sun, not, as you may believe, due to my
Asian-ness, but instead, due to the sun blinding my eyes.

Somebody taking photos of the fields :)

And now comes the time to show off a bunch of our failed
jump shots. After that van of photographers left, we asked
our driver to catch us mid-jump. I taught him maybe 3 times
the best way to use the camera.


I wasn't a very good teacher.

After many failed pictures, I decided to "show," not "tell."
This is my shot of Lindsay jumping. Our driver nodded 
to show us he understood.

He didn't. 
(Fail #... I don't even know. I stopped counting.)

But no worries! It was a beautiful day :)

On our way back to the Lopburi bus station to return to Bangkok!

Remember how Lopburi is the town famous for its monkeys?
They have a mall area called Banana Square! How cute lol

Me with my twin bananas!

Later That Night...
     Returning to Bangkok, Jess, Lindsay, and I considered some pizza places, but based off of another friend’s recommendation, Jess and I decided to try Limoncello. The restaurant is in the middle of Soi 11, a street swarming with foreigners. When we reached the street by taxi, we were almost ashamed to admit that we were in shock as we stared at all of them and heard ENGLISH.... where else in Thailand? Maybe the better question is... how long have I lived in America and how long did it take for me to become Thai? hahahahaha :D
     In any case, we enjoyed some actual cheese (which I have never liked, but also would never have known I missed until I had it again) on our pizzas. But actually, the best part of the meal was the dessert. 
Me with the pizza menus :D

Cute atmosphere!

We got one pizza... I had my shrimp on the side :)


I kept sprinkling crushed peppers on every
slice of pizza. It was funny because Jess would
just dig in and I would be shaking the shaker
for a minute onto each pizza slice lol

There are my unseasoned shrimps! Actually, it was perfectly fine
and went well with the pizza, which had so much flavor.

     I hope my endless love affair with desserts amuses you because I sure do enjoy reflecting on how amazing every piece of sugar that enters my mouth is. The tiramisu we ordered looked lopsided and slightly-too-small, although I think I’d have to attribute that to my eyes being bigger than my stomach and not the actual presentation. When we ate it, it made the whole entire day and past weekend of frustration and exhaustion disappear though. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that even though my stomach made me look like I was already 2 months pregnant with pizza, I ate to the point that I was probably in my second trimester. But it was THAT good. Not that I’d ever really refuse dessert, but well, I should definitely know how to stop before I explode.

Doesn't look like much... but don't let your eyes deceive you.

I was overjoyed to have tiramisu!

Jess dug in first and immediately told me how delicious it was.

     Fun and eventful day though despite that near-disaster of me giving birth to all my food :) (I'm sure I inspired very beautiful mental imagery right there.) I’m glad we made it to the sunflower fields and discovered great tiramisu!!! 


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