Sunday, September 29, 2013

9-22-13 Settling In (For the Next 3 Weeks)

     Wow, in one day, I already spent about $72! Hopefully I won’t spend too much after this. I’m going to be sure to spend less on food, definitely. (All costs were legit spendings though, like food, photocopies, the hotel deposit which was $33 of those dollars, etc.)

     Anyway, I love the random cats and dogs that wander the streets and our hotel. I even pet a black cat with yellowish-greenish eyes! :) We’re surrounded by a lot of pretty shrubbery and flowers which attract many very beautiful butterflies. Sometimes, I almost feel like I’m going to be attacked by some because they’re so large and they fly so close. I also saw a wasp go after a monarch butterfly; thankfully, the butterfly escaped.

Beautifully-scented flower

A butterfly alighting upon a flower

Pink flower

My lunch today consisted of a glass noodle dish with shrimp alongside a young coconut, and might I say, the shrimp was large and not overcooked like it would be back in Chicago. I don’t really consider this my first local street food tasting though because it’s a restaurant geared toward the people in this hotel. Plus, their menu, although I understand why, includes hamburgers and pizza. I wonder what those taste like, made here in Thailand...

First lunch in Thailand!

Today was the day I took a shuttle to the All Seasons Naiharn Hotel. The beach is beautiful, especially with the view of some rock formations in the distance. I also went into the ocean; while the weather was very beautiful, I hope that the wind won’t be so strong in the next 3 weeks. The waves were gigantic, but they were so powerful that my swimsuit kept coming off! It was horrible because every single time a wave came in my direction, I was holding onto my bikini bottom. Not very attractive, and not very fun lol.

 The beach and the intense waves

 All Seasons Naiharn Phuket Hotel

 My bed beside my roommate's bed

 The beach in the evening

The tide was low and really calming to walk on...

     I also visited the pool, which is very pretty and clean. I can’t wait to use it again :).
     With all the exploring, I forgot to mention that I walked into 3 things today: one rock, one brick, and one tree branch with thorns. Lovely. My foot bled with the last one, but I still entered the ocean water, hoping it would heal faster.
     I’m actually a little stressed out because today, I met a lot of people. While I don’t remember their names, I know that I’ll learn them in time. It was just a little too much social interaction for me, but I’m excited to have a roommate who is very sweet. She also graduated with an elementary education degree and wants to focus on 2nd and 3rd graders. I hope I’ll get to know a few others better as well, even though sometimes I find myself wishing I was alone and didn’t have to interact so much. 
     As I was just checking my spending, I also found Nick’s ring for me in the pouch. It made me tear up :( I think it’s not so much that I haven’t seen him for 2 days, but more so knowing that I won’t see him for another 6 months on top of that. 
Awww, my cat friend came back! :) He’s losing hair :(.

     Also, seemingly for the first time, I felt a mosquito sting me. >: 
     Oh no! My cat friend left me for another hotel guest. I guess that shows the type of friends I make. Just kidding. Too bad I must’ve also befriended the mosquito because it keeps coming back and trying to prick me. Ugh.

     Oops. I think I also just discovered I may be allergic to cats :(


  1. Very cute! Where did you find the cat again? Don't go petting all animals you see!!!
    And that first flower is soo beautiful, it almost looks fake

    1. The cat is just outside and sometimes she comes to me... sometimes she is just around :) but I think she seeks attention sometimes, so she comes and finds people who are outside. And yeah! I made that flower pic my background pic--it is really pretty and quite fragrant. :)